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Archive for the ‘dress’ Category


Match maker

Posted by ✰Ashley✰ on February 11, 2010

Oh my gosh, you’re so tight all over my body Josh. You are so soft! And your amazing fabric is rubbing against my nipples. If you don’t stop rubbing me soon, everybody is going to notice. Although that guy over there is very handsome. Ha! Looks like my ex boyfriend is going to help me get my new boyfriend then.


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Special day

Posted by ✰Ashley✰ on January 13, 2010

Julie: I hope I look good enough for your special day.

Dana: Don’t worry, you look great! I’m just suprised you kept your end of the deal.

Julie: Well we agreed that the first one to get married would get to wear the other for their wedding day. Now get out there and get married, just remember I have a very long skirt, so please try not to catch it on anything and rip me.

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Posted by ✰Ashley✰ on December 10, 2009

Howard: Oh no! How could you, I’m a dress now! But you said I was going to come with you to the ball tonight…

Megan: With… On… Same thing.

Not shut up and show more cleavage damn it!

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Turn back

Posted by ✰Ashley✰ on December 5, 2009

Samantha: Oh my god! How did you get into my suitcase?

Jenna: Remember that dress you bought for so cheap from that garage sale. Well, that was me, my mom didn’t realize you bought me. It took me forever waiting in that suitcase till you finaly said the magic transpfrmation word, “indigo”

Samantha: So what happens if I say indigo now?

Jenna: NNNnnoooo!!!….

Samantha: Oh, look at that. Don’t worry, I’m sure your mom will find you eventually, but until then, you’re going to make me look pretty on vacation.

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Posted by ✰Ashley✰ on September 12, 2009

Henry: Hey, isn’t this Jim’s boat? Where’s Jim?

Morgan: Well Jim thought it would be funny to steal our clothes yesterday when we were skinny dipping. So we needed something to wear.

Henry: But that doesn’t explain where Jim is.

Jenny: Forget about him. How about you take us out on your boat?

Henry: Ummm, sure. Do you guys have your swim suits with you?

Morgan: Dont worry, we don’t care if our dresses get wet.

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Friends helping friends

Posted by ✰Ashley✰ on July 26, 2009

Anna: I’m sorry, but I just won’t zip all the way up.

Jenny: Hard times, call for drastic messures I guess…

Anna: What are you talking abou… Hhmmm, why do I feel so weird? Oh my god! My hand is fusing with you dress! It’s absorbing me hellllppppppp……

Jenny: Well Anna. Since the zipper doesn’t want to hold it self up, that’s now your job.

Dress: What? Oh no, how did you do this, I’m your prom dress. I’m just mere fabric now.

Jenny: Yes yes. Now zip your self up please.

Dress: Ok…. *zip!*

Jenny: Mmmm, perfect! Looks like your going to be my dress for the dance then.

Dress: But the dance is in a week. And I’m still confused how you did this in the first place…

Jenny: First off, the closet, duh! And second it’s called magic. Although I don’t have enough to pay for you so… *poof* I’m going to have to take you out of here as… Lipstick… Sorry, but it’s the best way to hide you, and I can just keep you in your purse till prom and then have my dress in a jiffy! Although I might as well use you while I’ve got you…

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Forgot to mention something…?

Posted by ✰Ashley✰ on July 11, 2009

Leslie: Did you forget to tell me something Alfred?

Alfred: Like what ma’am?

Leslie: Like that this dress I’m wearing that is my son’s girlfriends, is in fact my son…

Alfred: Oh, I’m dreadfully sorry about that ma’am, any thing I can do to help?Help you remove your son perhaps?

Leslie: Nice try, but no, I’m hungry, but I shouldn’t eat any more today… So?

Alfred: Gum again ma’am? Do try not to swallow me this time.

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2 of a kind

Posted by ✰Ashley✰ on July 11, 2009

Previous Part: http://purseboy.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/gift-of-life/

Renki: How are you feeling Derek?

Derek: Weird. I don’t see why you had to get you friend Ashley to turn me into a dress.

Renki: Because I was going to need something to wear to the “photoshoot”.

Derek: What photoshoot?

Renki: The same one your girlfriend Tami went to, and came back a poster from, for your room. I thought my brofriend might like something like that.

Derek: But what about Tami?

Renki: Well you know mom, she’s not one to waste paper, and with you as mere clothing in a poster. She thought it would be a good idea to send Tami to the recycling plant, and have her recycled into white, that I will be printed on.

Although the process will seal her fate as paper, I don’t think she’ll mind. After all, she was never going to be human for you again.

And by the way, it might get a little akward for you, because Ashley said she had a spell to make me a 28-FF. So if you can, try to contain youself, or rather me… We only have on shoot at this after all.

Next Part: http://purseboy.wordpress.com/2009/10/20/764/

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3 laws safe

Posted by ✰Ashley✰ on June 29, 2009

Well hello there J.T., my name is Holly, and I’ll be your owner tonight. Ashley is a good friend of mine, and when I asked her if I could borrow one of her great dresses, she said she had something better. And she was right!

Freshly transformed and ready to go. I only have three rules for you:

1. No tickling, rubbing, or pinching

2. You have to always be supportive

3. If you get ripped, just deal with it, knowing Ashley, your going to be in her wardrobe for forever anyways -hehe-

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Fight night

Posted by ✰Ashley✰ on June 23, 2009

Abbie: Hey, I thought you said you didn’t have enough money for a prom dress after your boyfriend blew it all on gambling.

Jessica: But his gambling addiction came back to bite him in the ass. I bet him that I could beat him in a fight, and if I did, he would have to go with me to prom.

Abbie: So what happened?

Jessica: He didn’t realize what kind of a fight it was. After a quick dress spell, I had easily won the fight and he was forced by wicken betting laws to go to prom with me, or in this case, on me -hehe-

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